COVID-19 will Redefine the way we Spend our Hard-earned Money, in the Future

Oh, and need we say that Redeem will continue to help you save with our deals and discounts?

A pandemic of such magnitude has got many re-thinking their priorities - financial and otherwise

As people were either laid off or experienced significant salary cuts, much began to change in terms of outlook. For how long is it feasible to keep dipping into emergency savings? What if there isn’t sufficient savings to begin with, in the first place?

In the wake of such extreme lockdowns and the inability to work, these are all valid concerns to have. That is why Redeem Sri Lanka carried out a survey, asking participants what they felt about different aspects pertaining to the lockdown, including how they think things might turn out once the hullabaloo is over. Here are some key findings, amidst the sea of statistics.

1. Eating out is most looked forward to, after the lockdown period ends.

With 46.7% of respondents admitting to desires of eating out, there’s no doubt that the best discounts in Colombo will be inclined towards restaurants, food and beverage. Hanging out with friends came at a close second at 43.8%, while staying home with family was third-most at 34.3%.

On top of that, essential items are also of prime importance, with most (51.4%) stating that they’d shop and stockpile food and medicines as best they can.

2. People are still afraid to venture out, nonetheless.

A whopping 81% of respondents confessed that they are afraid to go out, all in all. When asked to specify in detail, 80.9% are keen to venture out only after the 2 week mark (which then stretches all the way up to 2 months and beyond, including only after a vaccination is introduced).

With regards to vaccinations alone, 31.4% are comfortable to step out only after one is introduced.

3. The fear of going out doesn’t mean that people intend to spend less and/or compromise on the things they love to do.

With eating out and a host of entertainment activities such as cinemas, concerts and nightlife being the top 3 constituents of importance, this goes to show that Sri Lankans in particular are keen to keep living big, or at least continue to enjoy the things they did – even after a pandemic of this magnitude.

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