Our Offers Are BACK IN ACTION!

Our discounts are perfect for this post-lockdown, penny-pinching phase.

With the lockdown being removed, most of us are starting to get back to our normal routines. While movement is allowed and many group-friendly spots are opening up, you just can’t help but wonder when things are due to completely go back to normal.

The best you can do right now is to keep yourself safe and sound – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in some of your favourite treats in a healthy way, and from a distance. That’s why we’re back in business, and ever more excited to roll out discounts in Colombo at a time when everyone’s looking to save a buck or two!

Featuring unbeatable offers, Redeem is all about paying less. Currently, our app is replete with deals from leading restaurants, salons and hotels in the city, which are available for purchase with a single tap.

So if you’re craving for something scrumptious or a simple change from the good ol’ homemade and/or DIY (in the case of food and beauty treatments respectively 😉 ) after these 3 long months of being locked in, head over to our app now to grab these offers before they’re gone!

While we’re giving you the solution to indulge, we can’t give you the solution to social isolation – and you may just have to enjoy your treats by yourself (for good reason, of course).

Happy Redeeming!

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